Remanufactured Marine Compressors

tn_119_1978Ship owners and operators, indeed all personnel working with or on seagoing vessels, rely heavily on their marine compressors both onshore and off for a wide variety of uses including:

  • water chillers
  • ice machines
  • air conditioners
  • cold storage
  • … and more

Complete refrigeration systems on seagoing vessels are typically backed up by refrigeration on shore or on dock to store materials either before heading out or after the vessel has returned. When a marine compressor fails, most people want it remanufactured quickly and reliably.

At Southern Compressors, we do all the work at our shop, so you can be assured of the highest quality without worrying about whether the compressor components have been outsourced.

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The marine compressor remanufacturing process

The process of remanufacturing involves the complete dismantling of the compressor unit, right down to the individual components. Each component is then cleaned and inspected. Failing parts are replaced prior to reassembly to ensure a consistently high level of quality. Once reassembled, the compressor is then tested to ensure it is running efficiently and functioning properly prior to returning it to you.

At Southern Compressors, we remanufacture marine compressors at our on-site shop in Kenner, Louisiana. Our goal is to remanufacture your compressor to meet or exceed its original technical specifications for reliability and performance.

  • operate as economically as possible, and
  • function as reliably and efficiently as they did at the start.

Your remanufactured marine compressor will run like new or better after we’ve applied our skills and experience to remanufacture it. We take pride in being your regional expert for remanufacturing marine compressors employed in a variety of situations.

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