Scroll Compressors

tn_Scroll CompressorsA scroll is a simple compression concept first patented in 1905. Scroll compressors work by moving one spiral element inside another stationary spiral to create a series of gas pockets that become smaller and increase the pressure of the gas. Both the extraction process and the discharge process are continuous.

By eliminating the use of a fixed cylinder and a piston, the scroll compressor eliminates wasted space and avoids recompression seen in standard reciprocating compressors. This reduces wasted energy on compressing and recompressing gas during operation, plus this compressor design eliminates the need for suction and discharge reeds to control the flow of gas. With features like excellent reliability, high efficiency, and low noise, scroll compressors are rapidly becoming more prevalent in the HVAC industry.

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Description of components

With scroll compressors, the compression is performed by two scroll elements located in the upper chamber of the compressor above the motor. Scroll compressors, also called spiral compressors, scroll pump or scroll vacuum pump, compress air or refrigerant. These compressors are used in many types of central heat pumps and air conditioning systems, as well as some automotive air conditioning systems.

The components in scroll compressors are, however, sensitive to common problems in the refrigeration process, such as damage from liquid or debris. Scroll compressors are even more vulnerable to introduced debris, which can pass through at least two closed compression pockets. Experts at Southern Compressors are experienced and trained to ensure the reliable and high quality performance of your scroll compressor.