Motor Shop

tn_119_1989Southern Compressors maintains a state of the art motor shop where highly trained technicians can re-build or wind your motor using parts that we carry in stock. Our motor shop allows us to provide top rate service and faster turnaround time than our competitors.

What does an in house motor shop mean for you?

  1. Save Valuable Time – when your compressor stops working that means costly down time for your business. By doing the work in our in-house motor shop we offer the fastest turnaround time in the industry – sometimes in as little as 24 hours.
  2. Save Money – remanufacturing can save you thousands of dollars over buying new equipment. Often the core of your compressor will provide many more years of great service if remanufactured with a new motor.

Because we perform motor work in house we cut out the needs to outsource the work to another vendor – saving you valuable time and money. This also ensures the highest level of quality since the work is performed by our technicians and backed by our own warranty.

If you are considering remanufacturing your compressor please call us today and see what a difference doing the work “in-house” can make.