Compressor Remanufacturing Services

Southern Compressors is ready to use our extensive experience in the field of compressor remanufacturing to help you with the following services:

  1. Technical assistance – our team can help you finalize the technical details of your compressor or refrigeration needs
  2. Wind motors – we can wind motors right here in our motor shop saving time and money
  3. Remanufacturing of compressors – we can re-build your comporessor motor thus extending the life of your valuable equipement.

For more information or a quote, please call (800) 348-5609.

Our compressor remanufacturing process:

Quality control is a priority at Southern Compressors. Any part that is not within expected tolerance is replaced or repaired.

  • All bearings, piston rings, and springs are replaced with new parts.
  • Every valve plate is completely disassembled, cleaned and resurfaced, then reassembled with new reeds.
  • All work is done in our on-site service facility.

The employees at Southern Compressors remanufacture all manner of compressors at our on-site machine shop in Kenner, Louisiana. We strive to ensure your remanufactured compressors will operate as smoothly and efficiently – even just a little bit better – as they did when you first installed them.



* The names and part numbers referenced herein for Carrier, Copeland, Trane, Chrysler, York, Worthington, Dunham BUsh, and Dan Foss are trade marks for their respective companies and products. Part numbers of these organizations are used for cross reference and interchange purposes to Southern Compressors products only and not to imply that we sell products manufactured by, or caused to be manufactured, by these companies.