At Southern Compressors, we remanufacture reciprocating compressors at our on-site machine shop in New Orleans, Louisiana. We remanufacture compressors to go beyond their original technical specifications and even meet new engineering standards in reliability and performance.

Our Reciprocating Compressor Remanufacturing Process

  • Disassembly – all parts are discarded and replaced with new parts
  • Cleaning – the crankcase and castings re thoroughly cleaned to remove debris and then inspected
  • Crankcase inspection – crankcases are carefully examined to ensure the integrity of gasket surfaces and threaded holes
  • Crankcase upgrade – cylinder walls that do not meet specification are either bored or sleeved to OEM compliance
  • Crankshaft upgrade – Cranks shaft are inspected polished and if needed they are cut to meet OEM compliance

For more information, please call (800) 348-5609.

Compressors remanufactured by Southern Compressors are truly remanufactured, not just repaired and repainted. Southern Compressors is committed to returning the compressor to its original engineering standards to ensure reliability and optimal performance.