Reciprocating Compressors

tn_119_1988Reciprocating compressors are often one of the most critical systems at a production facility or construction site. Gas transmission pipelines, petrochemical plants, refineries and other industries depend on this type of compressor due to its reliability.

Reciprocating compressors are typically used where high compression ratios are required per stage without high flow rates and where the processing fluid is relatively dry. tn_119_1978This type of compressor and they can be stationary or portable. Reciprocating compressors are typically bigger, noisier, and more expensive than comparable rotary units, but they are also widely considered to be reliable and dependable, which makes them popular for use in chemical plants, oil refineries, and natural gas processing and refrigeration plants. This compressor type is also used to blow plastic bottles made of polyethylene terephthalate or PET and may be used to power portable tools such as pneumatic drills.

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tn_119_1990At Southern Compressors, we remanufacture reciprocating compressors at our on-site machine shop in New Orleans, Louisiana. We remanufacture compressors to go beyond their original technical specifications and even meet new engineering standards in reliability and performance.

Our Reciprocating Compressor Remanufacturing Process

  • Disassembly and inspection –all parts are inspected and critical wearing parts are discarded and replaced with new parts
  • Cleaning –the crankcase and all parts are thoroughly cleaned to remove debris and then inspected
  • Crankcase inspection – crankcases are carefully examined to ensure the integrity of gasket surfaces and threaded holes
  • Crankcase upgrade – cylinder walls that do not meet specification are remachined and then rechecked to verify compliance
  • Crankshaft upgrade – rods and bearings are polished and gauged to ensure technical compliance

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Compressors remanufactured by Southern Compressors are truly remanufactured, not just repaired and repainted. Southern Compressors is committed to returning the compressor to its original engineering standards to ensure reliability and optimal performance.