Refrigeration Compressors

tn_119_1984Refrigeration systems in cold chain facilities can easily account for up to 40% of the total annual energy outlay, so applying highly efficient refrigeration systems can greatly reduce energy consumption, particularly in areas like the South where cooling requirements last longer than other parts of the country. Keeping your refrigeration compressors running smoothly and efficiently is important to the bottom line of many businesses

Cold storage and transportation has advanced significantly in recent years. Among specific developments are:

  • Refrigerating capacity per unit volume has increased
  • Cold rooms are now smaller, but more numerous
  • Screw compressors have gradually been replacing reciprocating compressors

When a refrigeration compressor fails, you may be tempted to simply upgrade to a newer model. While that is appropriate in some but not all situations, remanufacturing your current refrigeration compressor has a lot going for it because you already know this compressor. You know its background, usage history and how it works. Southern Compressors can get it back on the road for you, quickly and efficiently.

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Remanufactured versus Rebuilt

Remanufacturing a refrigeration compressor means saving a great deal of money over buying a OEM compressor. Plus it’s our goal is to remanufacture your compressor to meet or exceed its original technical specifications for reliability and performance.

Remanufacturing is not the same as rebuilding, which incites a lot of discussion in the compressor remanufacturing industry. Rebuilding is a term that refers to opening the compressor and replacing any obviously damaged parts before reassembling it. Remanufacturing the compressor is a higher grade of process that ensures a better quality outcome based on the skill and experience of the expert completing the work.

At Southern Compressors, we remanufacture refrigeration compressors at our on-site machine shop in Kenner, Louisiana. We are skilled and experienced in the remanufacturing industry.

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At Southern Compressors, our definition of remanufacturing requires a complete compressor disassembly and thorough cleaning at the component level. All parts are replaced with new parts to meet OEM tolerances prior to reassembly. All compressors are load tested on our closed loop nitrogen test system When we return your compressor, it will be running as good as or better than new.