Screw Compressors

Rotary screw compressors are gas compressors which use a rotary type positive displacement mechanism (the screw). As this mechanism rotates, two rotors produce a series of volume-reducing cavities which are compressed and discharged. The effectiveness of this mechanism is dependent on close-fitting clearances between the rotors and the compression chamber.

Screw compressors are considered a successful and high efficiency product for a wide variety of applications, including standard air conditioning, process cooling, temperature control for supermarket or cold storage refrigeration, and other environmental and pharmaceutical applications.

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Uses for Screw Compressors

Screw compressors are popular for a variety of reasons, including:

  • their design for continuous operation
  • they run quietly and do not usually require a lot of service
  • they are energy efficient and the compressed air is of a good quality

With rising concerns for global warming and a global need for energy efficiency, screw compressors have been increasingly replacing older refrigeration systems while maintaining optimal efficiency and minimizing downtime.

We remanufacture compressors to go beyond their original technical specifications and even meet new engineering standards in reliability and performance.

Potential Problems with Screw Compressors

The following list describes some of the problems that can occur with typical screw compressors.

  • In cold weather when the compressor is inside a heated building but vented by the outside air, the compressor oil exposed to outside air can become very thick. Overly thick oil may not circulate fast enough to prevent the compressor from seizing.
  • When compressors are only used during the summer months, but sit idle during the cooler months, existing lubricants can form acids that etch the bearings if left idle for an extended time. When you start up the compressor again, it may not operate well or at all.

We can take care of your problems with screw compressors and provide maintenance tips to keep them running efficiently.

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