Transportation Compressors

tn_119_1990Transportation is a vital industry and portable cold storage during transportation is crucial to the safe arrival of food products and more. Of course, keeping the transport operator comfortable is important as well. One of a fleet manager’s biggest challenges in a world of escalating fuel costs is unscheduled maintenance and breakdowns. When the unscheduled maintenance or breakdown is the transportation compressor, you have the option of replacing it with a new compressor or remanufacture the existing one.

The bigger picture

Transportation over long distances can result in increased waste and pollution, and as businesses look to curb expenses by finding less experienced remanufacturing shops, it can not only raise concerns about the operability of the transportation compressor but also raise environmental concerns about the efficiency of the compressor’s operation.

At Southern Compressors we firmly believe that the price of the compressor remanufactured should include an examination of its end-result efficiency of the compressor’s operation. That’s what we give you!

Our on-site machine shop in Kenner, Louisiana performs remanufacturing of transportation compressors. When we remanufacture your compressors, our goal is to go beyond their original technical specifications and meet new engineering standards in reliability and performance. You can rest assured that your remanufactured transportation compressor will operate as economically and efficiently as possible.

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No compromise on quality

When a transportation compressor fails and you decide to remanufacture it instead of replacing it, it’s important to work with a repair shop that has long standing experience. At Southern Compressors, our trained and certified technicians remanufacture transportation compressors. Our on-site motor shop in Kenner, Louisiana ensures that we can provide a higher level of service and product integrity than many remanufacturing shops that typically outsource the work. Plus, our turnaround is much faster, saving you time, money and productivity.

Essentially, remanufacturing brings an existing compressor unit back to its original running condition, without replacing the entire unit. It is important to understand that remanufacturing does not, in any way, compromise the quality or operability of the compressor unit. In fact, it can often improve it. At least, that’s what we deliver at Southern Compressors. All original parts are carefully cleaned and examined. Original components may be remachined to the manufacturer’s specifications and tolerances. All original parts are replaced with new parts and the crank shaft & casting boot will be brought back to OEM specs.

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Our Process

  • Disassembly – The entire unit is disassembled down to the individual parts
  • Cleaning – All parts are thoroughly cleaned to remove debris
  • Inspection – Casting and crank shafts are inspected for tolerance

At Southern Compressors, we make it our business to return your transportation compressor in near-new condition with better than ever operability. Rely on the skill and experience of Southern Compressors, your one-stop shop for refurbished compressors in Kenner, Louisiana.